Walking with Jesus Daily
"As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore, be zealous and repent."  - Revelation 3:19

Today is about passion and repentance.

The church in this passage was not in trouble with God because they left the faith. They were in trouble because they became satisfied with the status of life they'd achieved. As such, they no longer felt the need to draw near to God because they were happy with where they were.

I call it the sin of the plateau.

It's the place where you've had some victories, some breakthroughs, and some freedom...and quite frankly, you're feeling pretty good because things in your life are going well.

But here is the trap.

When those victories and breakthroughs start to become your comfort and your source of strength and you stay in that "place" because it feels good.

Said plainly, it's when we cling to our stuff vs reaching and clinging to God.

The change here is subtle but detrimental.

Where we once sought God and He was our source of peace, contentment, joy, love, rest, and freedom. We've allowed the provision He's given us, the freedom He's given us to become our source of strength vs. God.

And God is saying, "Don't do that."

He is saying, "I love you, so I'm telling you, this plateau is a trap. Seek Me."

If you look at the word zealous in this scripture and you translate it back to its original form. The word zealous is the Greek word Zeloo. When this word (Zeloo) is used as a verb, it means, to seek.  And not only to seek, but earnestly seek. There is a sense of urgency, deep desire, and movement in this word.

Even when you look at the meaning of the word zeal in English it means to have great enthusiasm or energy in pursuit of a cause or objective.

Whoa. Mindset shift. We need to WAKE UP!!!

This is not our final destination.

Let us not allow our achievements to replace our need for God. Or, allow our victories to deflate our passionate pursuit of the presence of God in our lives.

There is no victory, freedom, breakthrough, or provision that could ever replace the living God, or our need for Him.

We thank Him for the victories. We remember them to generate faith that God will do what He says in our life today and in the future, but, we don't use them to replace God.

Reignite the fire of your soul! Remember the joy of your salvation!

Pursue God now with greater passion because you know MORE about Him than you did before - and better yet there is still more for you to discover.

Lastly, remember to repent, because anything we place above God in our hearts is an idol.  And, anything we allow to be our source when God should be our source is idolatry.

When we repent and pursue Him again we will see God in new ways. He will bring us to a closer and more intimate place in Him.

And that's what we want. To walk closely with God all the days of our life.

Let's Pray

Father, thank You for revealing to me the sin of the plateau. The sin of allowing "stuff" to replace my desire for You. Forgive me Lord for this and for allowing my status in life to distract me of my need for You. Re-light the fire in my heart that burns only for You. Open my eyes to see where I need to adjust so that I may have a closer, more intimate, walk with You. I love You and I thank You for loving me first that You came to rescue me.

Have Your way in my life and I give You all the glory, honor, and praise.

In Jesus name I pray,


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